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    Fans (W/Email) Poem Date
    From:Johannesburg,South Africa

    The Flames of Freedom

    The candles were lit, the lights were out
    The house was quiet, no one was about.
    He entered my room as he had before,
    And once again he slammed the door.
    The dark of his hood hid all but one,
    the red of his eyes which burnt like the sun.
    He glided swiftly towards my bed,
    Then put his claw upon my head.
    As swiftly as he'd done before
    He glided back towards the door.
    My wish had been granted and I was free,
    The Keeper of Souls had chosen me!
    The candles burned out and dawn came around.
    My body, they say, was never found.

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    23)Lyndsey Hicks aka Stinger4ever
    From:Columbia, S.C.

    Souls of Repentence, July 8, 1999

    My soul is broken, shattered and dead...
    Yet I walk around as one of the living, barely seeing and breathing...
    For every step I take, I wonder how much more repentence is necessary...
    How much longer must i feel the wings of the Crow flutter within my own
    For I am the "Angel of Pain" and have no soul of repentence...
    I have no soul for which there is forgiveness...

    Only revenge...

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    24)Yigit Savtur

    Razor in the wrist

    tip tip tip
    the basin leaks
    tap tap tap
    all alone with freaks!.
    touching your shadow deep in the wall,
    endless pain starts!where are you Crow!?

    i remember,don't you wory!
    you're in my heart,deep within me!
    as i see you my soul twist!
    Shelly,you're just a Razor in my wrist!

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    25)Lyndsey Hicks aka Stinger4ever
    From:Columbia, S.C.

    "The Darkness", June 21, 1999

    In the darkness I sit...
    Feeling the pain remember the time...
    You took my heart and stabbed it dead...
    You took everything that was ours, that was mine...
    I watched you kill me through the eyes of a victim...
    Now I watch through the eyes of a killer...
    Dead or Alive I've come back to fufill my destiny, "kill you dead-bang," one
    shot at a time...
    You walked out smiling holding her in your heart, now she's just like you: About
    to be torn apart...
    In the void of hell from which I spawned I saw the caginess fo dead souls, souls
    like mine, with no retribution...
    Kill me...
    Kill again...
    Try me...
    Try again...
    Shoot me...
    Shoot again...
    Stab me...
    Stab again...
    Lie to me...
    Lie again...
    When the fuck are you going to learn that you never live again...

    In memory of Lyndsey M. Hicks
    June 16, 1981
    May 25, 1996

    May 26, 1996
    March 19, 1999

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    26)raul colocho
    From:New York

    the black bird

    from death arose
    with the crying of the crows
    and lifted its dead hand and
    as i watched it stand
    it uttered just one word
    so soft i hardly heard:
    then did it lift its head and
    this time sadly said:
    and still to my surprise
    as i watched it rise it spoke
    nay it did shout:
    and with the motion of the wind
    (or some silent force within)
    and with a crow not far ahead
    he ran off to those yet dead
    and Death did follow there.

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    27)Rachel Jackson


    Today I woke up and realised
    The world was spinning the other way
    Time sped up
    I thought I was old
    But all it was, was death

    I'm fear and fear alone
    That's above my clothes
    Below is an insecure child
    Scractching to get out
    But with no luck

    But what is luck
    When we die
    When love and beggars
    Collide with hell
    And how can hell be sinful
    If those who kill end up there.

    We rise and notice
    The world does not belong
    To us any more

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  • Fans (W/Email) Poem Date
    28)Faery Fiend
    From:columbus ohio


    risen from the grave screaming
    with a breath of dejection
    standing bent in a cracked reflection
    guardian gliding in rainy alleys
    memories strewn over the floor
    pain wracking him to the core
    the shadows echo forlorn in the night
    lightning lights his painted face
    sleak in leather supple grace
    avenging the murder of a his love
    haunting melodies tear at the skies
    weeping in the wake he flies

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    29)Dustin Troy Harding (Paco)
    From:Hugo, Colorado

    My Only Guarantee

    Accept me as I am-
    I have no guarantee.
    A claim to perfection I have not,
    Perfect I cannot be.
    I, like you...am human.
    Prone to make mistakes.
    Failure is not a character flaw,
    Just a part of human makeup.
    I live, I laugh & also learn.
    My Knowledge is in complete.
    I am searching all the time,
    In waking hours as well as sleep.
    I have a long road to travel,
    As well as you do.
    We learn are lessons on the way,
    Wisdom we shall accrue.
    Accept me as I am because,
    I am...me,
    And you are you.
    No one like me in the world.
    That is my only guarantee.

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    30)Holly Allen


    Fire so hot
    It consumes the sky
    Blacktop crumbling
    Beneath your feet
    You scream in agony
    At the seering heat
    You pray to your invented God
    Wanting to know why
    Why,he didn't tell you
    That you were wrong
    Ahhh!Such sweet defeat
    I told you all along
    But you thought I would lie
    to get my piece of the treats
    Did you really think
    That I was like you?
    That I would sell it all
    Now what shall you do?
    Gaizing into my face as you fall
    Was it all worth it?
    Your temporary things
    Was it worth all this shit
    Your selfishness brings?

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    31)Anita Babroski

    Into Silent Nothing

    behind the screams and laughter
    that my tears can't hide
    the fact that you died
    sent me into silent nothing

    dream of me
    come to me
    lay with me
    don't leave me

    ride the night
    miles high
    while I am waiting
    for that last good bye

    I'm dying
    tell me
    I need to know
    I'm dying
    dying to show

    blood on the carpet
    drying on my bed
    your are only dust
    all memories in my head.

    I'm flying
    come with me
    I'm dying
    I'm riding
    the silence into nothing

    the ego goes
    where the flesh can not
    the heart follows
    the dream it sought

    follow me
    find me
    dream of me
    believe in me

    I lived and I bled
    I loved and now I'm dead
    killed by hunger
    overcome by disbelief

    I failed you
    I abandoned you
    I miss you

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